We build software that brings value for users in emerging markets around the world. We are also a globally distributed and remote engineering and product team, with members in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. In this blog we are going to write about our work and experiences, both technical as well as organizational and operational. Find out more.

From failovers to keepalived over vSwitch(es) with Hetzner

A few years ago, we were happy with Hetzner’s failover IPs and managed them manually. Rather, we managed it with some custom scripts, but it still wasn’t enough. But as with everything related to Internet, data-center networks are evolving rapidly. Since the beginning of our cooperation with Hetzner I (and other DevOps folks I know) was used to using Hetzner’s failover IPs to bring at least some level of fault tolerance, even though it was done manually with custom python scripts. [Read More]

Complex scheduling schemas in Airflow

Introduction Recently, we decided to overhaul the way we communicate with users through SMS. As part of this effort, we looked into a straightforward way to schedule batch SMS sending. We first tested dockerizing an application to be scheduled on AWS ECS. But that requires a fair amount of overhead. We wanted to have a running POC as fast as possible. So we thought, why not use Airflow? At DT One, we use Airflow to run our various ETL (extract, transform, load) pipelines and report generators. [Read More]

Feature engineering for thin transactional data

Feature engineering for thin transactional data There are over 250 million people in the world who live outside their country of birth. Many of these people rely heavily on mobile financial services, and according to the GSMA, person-to-person (P2P) transfer, airtime top-up and international remittance are the most commonly used mobile money services worldwide. Enabling these transfers and top-ups globally is a core part of DT One’s business. We are integrated into the payments systems of over 600 telecom companies and Mobile Network Operators in 160 countries. [Read More]